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Comprehensive Local Landscaping Services

There are some projects that are simply too big to do on your own. There are some smaller projects that you just don’t have time for. Then, there are ones that require a professional touch. Whatever the reason, when you decide you want an expert to help improve the grounds for your home or business, you want the best.

You want landscaping services from Cap-City Landscaping, Inc!

Our company has been building our family-owned business for more than 8 years. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to improve our capabilities, give all our customers the best options for all of their landscaping improvement projects, and provide an impeccable look, feel, and functionality for every property.

In that effort, we have been able to expand our operations from smaller residential jobs – such as lawn maintenance, edging, and snow removal – to complete outdoor transformations for both residential and commercial grounds! At Cap-City Landscaping, Inc, we do all kinds of jobs – regardless of size and scope.

For more information concerning our landscaping services, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us, please call our office to speak to one of our associates at 780-974-3809.