The Most Thorough Maintenance Services

You won’t always need “start to finish” landscaping services for your residential or commercial property. There are times when your yard or commercial park are exactly the way you want them to be. But you would like to maintain that for your family and your customers.

That’s where maintenance services from Cap-City Landscaping, Inc can help!

We have the experience to provide the best assistance to keep your property pristine. From small-scale cleanups and clearings to scheduled maintenance projects for multi-family complexes, Cap-City can provide the maintenance services you need.

Snow Removal: Winters in the Edmonton area can pile the snow on deep. But, with snow removal services from us, you can make sure your loved ones, employees, and customers can move around freely and get on with life.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Spring Clean Up: After stormy winters, spring cleanings are a must. It is a time when nature comes alive again, and you want to take advantage of that. Cap-City Landscaping can offer you a wide array of services for a perfect spring transition.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.

Lawn Mowing/General Cleanups: Winter, spring, fall, summer – we do general cleanups and lawn maintenance of all kinds for all of our customers, year round.

Cap-City Landscaping Inc.
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